Bring on Round 2!

Round two is finally going to get underway in a little over 1 day. It’s been nearly 3 months since Round one was played so if you’re anything like me you’ve been hanging out for live footy.

How are you going to watch the games? I’ve arranged for a Zoom prematch party with the people that I would normally sit with at the footy with. We will then reconvene at half time and again after the match. I’m hoping that this will provide a “near” match-day experience. As close as we’ll get while we are unable to attend matches in person anyway!

I’ve heard that others are going to get together in person to watch the game on TV, but I’ve opted for the Zoom experience.

I’m interested in finding how other people are planning to watch the match. Do you have anything planned – and if so, tell us all about it!

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  1. I watched the ’73 prelim before the game to warm up.
    The game started at 3am here in Canada. Tigers were sluggish out of the gates and you could tell the lack of conditioning and the dew affected both sides. Riewoldt reminded me of Brad MIller one game back in the dark ages when he didn’t make the distance from 35m!
    What do others think of the fake crowd noise? I find it insulting, cultivating an unreality instead of focusing on why the crowds are not there in the first place. I am naturally defensive to subliminal garbage like that.
    Anyway, footy was back!

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