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After moving the Yellow and Black website to become a full WordPress site and changing the focus to cover all of the AFL, I’ve made the decision to revert back to my first “love” and change it all back to Yellow and Black Online.

You’ll notice the colour scheme will change over the coming weeks as the site will once again become more tigerish.

You’ll also be able follow Yellow and Black Online on the following social media sites:

No matter what you prefer, you’ll be able to keep up to date with all things Yellow and Black!


  1. I don’t think anyone really cares anymore Ned because they’re either utterly lost or sick to death of all the changes.
    It’s clear that the community of members that emerged organically over time is not and was not important to you because as the host you simply had property rights over the whole endeavour and could experiment with it however you wished.
    So now here we are, you have complete control over an empty wardrobe that no one can locate.
    Congrats on not giving a stuff about any of the members that made up the community and only the infrastructure. This empty city is testament to your leadership.

    1. @broadsword thanks for stopping by.

      I think that it would be wise to determine the circumstances behind what’s occurred before making accusations such as my “not giving a stuff”. If you took the time to find out a little about what has been going on in the past, you may discover that I have had some challenges with my mental health which caused a few personal issues not the least of which have been reflected on this site.

      As for being an “empty wardrobe that no one can locate” well, you were able to locate the site so it can’t be too difficult.

      I look forward to discussing footy again!

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