A potted history of Yellow and Black Online – the website

Sometime during the year 2000, I decided to start a fansite to support the Richmond Football Club.

I created it on Yahoo! Groups and called it, ‘Richmond Footy Club Fans’.

It existed there for about a year, and then trial versions of the site were created on MSN Groups and on Delphi Forums.

Eventually, the site at Yahoo! Groups won out and the site remained there for a few more months.

In early 2003, Richmond Footy Club Fans moved to its own Domain Name – ‘yellowandblack.info’. It was renamed as ‘Yellow and Black’ in early 2006.

The site originally used Snitz Forum software and then moved to vBulletin software in late 2005.

In late 2010, Yellow and Black moved to Invision Power Board software. This only lasted for approximately 12 months when the site changed to XenForo forum software.

Following a server change early in 2013 and some uncertainty with the future of XenForo software at the time, Yellow and Black was once again running on vBulletin software.

Also in 2013, “Yellow and Black Website” registered as a media outlet with the AFL. While we have no official game day status (i.e. entry to matches and the press box), Yellow and Black receive press releases from the AFL and all 18 Clubs as well as notifications of press conferences.

Prior to the 2018 season, the site software changed yet again. This time to a different type of forum software called Discourse. Members weren’t very happy with this change and the number of posts decreased to around half the usual number. In 2019, the site moved back to using Xenforo software but the damage was done and regular users were alienated. Early in 2020, there were only 1 or 2 posts from people other than me so I decided to create a site to support all football fans whoever they support. The Richmond forum has over 500,000 posts as these have been imported from the Yellow and Black Online website.

in late 2020 the site reverted back to Yellow and Black Online

Yellow and Black Online is a place where Richmond fans from all over the World can discuss your team – the good, the bad, and the ugly!

At Yellow and Black Online you are always free to express your opinion – even if it is at odds with others and as long as you follow the site’s posting rules and be respectful of others, you are welcome to tell it as you see it.

I hope that you continue to enjoy Yellow and Black Online for many years to come!

Peter Toby (@Coach)