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Confused about free kicks

Legend Coach

Being an ex-umpire myself, I look at umpiring decisions a little differently than some - even when it affects my team!

Saying that, it is odd to me that a dominant 86 point win should have such a disparity in the free kicks (23 to 13). When you consider there were 3 or 4 out on the full and 1 deliberate out of bounds Fred included in that, it becomes even worse.

Apart from frees in the opposition forward line, do we employ the tactic of giving away free kicks on purpose to allow time for our mids and backs to flood back to protect the defensive 50?

I have often thought that we handball to an opposition player under pressure to win a holding the ball or incorrect disposal free kick. The scenario mentioned above may be an extension of that.

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Topic starter Posted : 16/04/2021 11:31