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RFC News From the President: Christmas break

Discussion in 'Richmond Ramblings' started by Ned, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. Ned

    Ned Seriously Well Liked Coach Foundation Member Site Immortal

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    In her regular column, Richmond President Peggy O’Neal answers questions sent through by members and supporters.

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  2. Lazza

    Lazza Revered

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    The Killing Fields
    "Given we released Chris (Yarran), we will not be paying the remainder of his contract. We did however pay Chris a relatively small sum of money to assist him in getting his life back on track."

    A big tick from me.

    "...... there is no doubt that all of us - staff, fans, players and the Board - want the same thing: a premiership."

    Another big tick...

    "I wasn't annoyed at all but it was the longest AGM that I have ever attended!"

    BTC has some explaining to do :)
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