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The Bont wanted to be Richo

Discussion in 'AFL General Discussion' started by Forbesy, May 15, 2017.

  1. Forbesy

    Forbesy Revered Assistant Coach

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    Marcus Bontempelli idolised Matthew Richardson when he dreamt of being an AFL star
    Sunday Herald Sun
    May 15, 2017

    “RICHO, Richo maaaaan, I want to be a Richo man!”

    As a young kid growing up in Melbourne it was almost a given that your sporting hero would be one of the best players in the football team you barracked for. I barracked for the Tigers and my sporting hero was Matthew Richardson (at least initially anyway).

    I would sing and hum that chant all the way home from Jolimont station, my Richmond flag wound up tightly in one hand and a hot jam doughnut in the other, which became mandatory as it would often ease the pain of the game’s result (the Tiges didn’t win much when I was a kid).

    I loved Richo because other than the obvious talent he possessed he was one of the most entertaining footballers I’ve ever witnessed, he played with passion and intensity, and his unpredictability set him apart, which frustrated dad, and probably most supporters at different times. But Richo always seemed to be at the centre of attention.

    He brought people through the gates because he engaged with them, when Richo charged at the crowd after kicking a goal you felt like he was charging towards you, I felt connected. It’s this engagement with young kids particularly that can have such a lasting impression, and as a result, inspire them into following their dreams and for me, ultimately achieving mine.

    At halftime when watching the game at home it was my turn to be Richo, slowly wearing out the cushioning on the arm of our couch at home because I continued to take “Richo-esque” marks on it. I invented new ways to get around Mum’s “no balls in the house” rule, often folding up socks to banana around the hallway entrance, or scrunching up old newspaper and taping it together.

    I wanted to be Richo so badly, I made mum buy me the same boots he wore — a white Nike pair with a red tick — and I’d always pull my socks up to match.

    As a kid there was never any doubt that Richo and I would one day be teammates, which to the average Joe would seem absurd, and never did end up happening, but Richo’s influence over my hopes and dreams was significant. If I hadn’t been so awe-struck as a kid who knows how life would be different for me today?

    Bontempelli, right, with Richo.

    Full article at: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/a...r/news-story/96e422a1e43942b78dcda27eea1be786
  2. Ms Tantie

    Ms Tantie Loved

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    Is he into cosplay? Hey Marcus, sign to Richmond and you can wear the number 12 guernsey. :)

    I'm sure Dave won't mind. ;)

    Ms Tantie.
    believe! likes this.
  3. Gracie

    Gracie Loved Site Immortal

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    Bontempelli + Fyfe + Scully

    They would look good next to Martin + Cotchin + Rance and Riewoldt
  4. Mr Babilla

    Mr Babilla Revered

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    Fyffe and Bont. Tiger tragics.

    On top of the last two weeks.

    No. It's just not bloody fair. Come on universe, give us a break will ya?
    Broadsword and Gracie like this.

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