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Why the 2004 season should be a roaring success.  

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Regulars on this forum will be aware that I have a slight beef about our travelling record. Thankfully, this year, out of 22 rounds we only have to play 5 outside of Melbourne. I had a look at the 2004 fixture list and it goes like this.

1. Home (MCG)
2. Away (MCG)
3. Away (TD)
4. Away (TD)
5. Home (TD)
6. Home (TD)
7. Away (Sydney)
8. Home (MCG)
9. Away (Adelaide)
10. Away (Perth)

11. Away (TD)
12. Home (MCG)
13. Home (TD)
14. Away (Brisbane)
15. Home (MCG)
16. Home (TD)
17. Home (MCG)
18. Away (MCG)
19. Home (MCG)
20. Away (Adelaide)
21. Away (MCG)
22. Home (MCG)

Considering teams like Brisbane and Sydney play something like 10 - 12 rounds interstate we're doing nicely. Another thing to note is that all of our Melbourne home and away games are either played on the MCG or at the Telstra Dome so it's not like there's a home ground advantage to be had or lost.

The only hiccups should only occur between round 7 and round 11. Round 7 we play in Sydney, then back to the MCG for the doggies, we play Port at AAMI for round 9, then fly to Perth to play the Eagles for round 10. Normally we have a shocker the week after a game in Perth so round 11 against the Roos at Telstra Dome might be a write off.

With a 6 game "home" run to begin the 2004 season, it's very important that we start the season well and develop a winning habit.

Also, with 10 out of our last 12 rounds in Melbourne, we've got a great opportunity to finish the season off very strongly and build some momentum leading into the finals.

If we don't make the 8 then there's something very wrong.

Still, I'd really like us to do something about our travelling system because the last few years has been horrendous (it's not been much better at home though admittedly). Maybe we should recruit one of Leigh Matthews people and see if we can get some of their secrets to travelling well - they do it every second week without aftecting their W/L record.

Posted : 15/02/2004 13:04