GamedayYellow Sash Award

AFLM Round 3 – GWS v Richmond

Simply rate each player from 0 to 5:
0 is awarded for a very ordinary game.
1 – A very poor game. The player had no effect on the outcome of the match.
2 – A poor game. The player had little or no effect on the outcome of the match.
3 – An average game. Contributed to the team effort and held their own.
4 – An above average game. Dominated for most of the match.
5 – An outstanding game. Was clearly the best player on the ground from either team.

Please cast your votes before next Wednesday so I can total them up. The results will be tallied and an average score out of 5 calculated. This score will be rounded up or down to the nearest whole number (e.g. 3.49 will be rounded down to 3 and 3.51 will be rounded up to 4). This will allow me to post the results into the Match centre along with the stats for each player in this round. This information can be found here:

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