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2018 draft thread - Barrel - 20-11-2018

Only a couple days away now. I have a feeling we'll trade up on the night using a future pick or two.

On another note I see we are likely to sign Mav Weller directly to the rookie list by using a new rule that prevents going through the draft process. Now its hardly inspiring signing delisted saints but I've always thought he was a decent player. At the very least he provides cover for some of the depth we lost and for only a rookie contract. Im okay with it.

RE: 2018 draft thread - Ned - 20-11-2018

1 Carlton
2 Gold Coast Suns
3 Gold Coast Suns
4 St Kilda
5 Port Adelaide
6 Gold Coast Suns
7 Western Bulldogs
8 Adelaide Crows
9 GWS Giants
10 Port Adelaide
11 GWS Giants
12 Geelong Cats
13 Adelaide Crows
14 Fremantle
15 Port Adelaide
16 Adelaide Crows
17 Richmond
18 Brisbane Lions

RE: 2018 draft thread - TigerHardwick - 20-11-2018

I guess it can go here.
We will steal another Sun who ended up at the saints
Maverick Weller will join us as a rookie and has pulled out of the draft to do so

RE: 2018 draft thread - Barrel - 21-11-2018

RE: 2018 draft thread - Crusher - 22-11-2018

Riley Collier-Dawkins at pick 20 for us, tall midfielder.

RE: 2018 draft thread - Ned - 22-11-2018

Some information about our new Tiger:

RE: 2018 draft thread - Vines - 23-11-2018

I like him a lot. Looks fast, chases hard, loves a tackle, can kick a long goal, is long, looks a good citizen, doesn’t mind the hard ball, looks to take opponents on with his speed. Also, 99% sure he went in for the kiss with the fox footy reporter...

RE: 2018 draft thread - Vines - 23-11-2018

Having one round on the first night seems ridiculous to me. Undue stress on kids.

RE: 2018 draft thread - TigerHardwick - 23-11-2018

And one of the kids wasn’t even invited and got picked

Morons ?

RE: 2018 draft thread - Vines - 23-11-2018

Second rd pick. Jack Ross. Inside mid with creative hands - mature body. Do our recruiters live next door to the Oakleigh footy ground?

Fraser Turner. Elite outside runner from Clarence.