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Patrick Naish - ceehook - 24-01-2019

The father-son recruit played mainly across half-back and on the wing in his first season at VFL level in 2018, showcasing his impressive offence with his elite kicking and natural running ability. Has the skills to mix it at AFL level and can find the ball but needs to work on his defensive side and physical attributes. Was named as an AFL emergency twice late in the year, which he should use as motivation for 2019.

Draft history: 2017 NAB AFL Draft father-son selection (Richmond) No. 34 overall.

he didn't debut last year but appeared to improve throughout the season and was getting noticed in the VFL later in the year

will he debut this year ?

what role ?

My gut feel is the club has a long term player , its just when will he make the top gradeĀ  ... thoughts , observations ?

RE: Patrick Naish - Gracie - 24-01-2019

Isn't it great we can get these young guys in and let them mature in the seconds.

Naish is building nicely and I would think a half back spot would be what he is after