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Blind Tipping 2019 - Gracie - 15-03-2019

Hi all

Once again we will have the time honoured prestigious Blind Tipping competition.

For those who haven't played before it is simple to play. I send you a tipping sheet with the whole season on it. You then pick who will win each game for every game for all the home and away rounds. You then return the tipping sheet to me before the first game of Round 1 (our game against @#$%ton next Thursday night). The amount of time you devote to picking the winner of each game is up to you.

You then sit back and watch how well you can predict the future.

I have sent out tipping sheets to all of last year's contestants - Herky, Tiger Timmy, Jools, Justmike, Vosstiger, Tiger3121, Tigeriffic, Believe!, Ned, TBR, Vines, iTiger59, Torpedo Punt and Crusher. Hopefully I have eevryone.

Anyone else who would like to join inĀ all you need to do is send me an PM with your email address. I will send out the tipping sheet to your email address.

Past Winners
2018 Herky
2017 Gracie
2016 Vines
2015 Tigeriffic
2014 fightingfury
2013 Duncan
2012 fightingfury, Broadsword and Gracie
2011 JustMike
2010 Shvtech
2009 TigerAdam and Jupps
2008 Dean#00 and JustMike
2007 fightingfury and Tiger10
2006 Jezza
2005 x-cited

RE: Blind Tipping 2019 - Vosstiger - 15-03-2019

Thanks again for running this Gracie

RE: Blind Tipping 2019 - Vines - 15-03-2019

Looking forward to regaining my title, which incidentally, is the theme we should all be running with in 2019.

RE: Blind Tipping 2019 - Crusher - 16-03-2019

Mine should be back with you now. Thanks Gracie! Smile

RE: Blind Tipping 2019 - Tigeriffic - 17-03-2019

Thanks for running this again Gracie.
Mine should have turned up today.

RE: Blind Tipping 2019 - Vosstiger - 18-03-2019

Mines been sent @Gracie

RE: Blind Tipping 2019 - Gracie - 20-03-2019

OK we have the following tips locked away

@herky @Crusher @Jools @justmike @Tigeriffic @Vosstiger

I have sent my tips to Jools for safe keeping.

For anyone else remember that the tipping sheet needs to be back to me by first bounce tomorrow night