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Miller a gold prospect
Miller a gold prospect

[Image: 17BMiller0112_620.jpg]
It’s fitting that Richmond recruit Ben Miller hails from the Western Australian gold-mining town of Kalgoorlie because the Tigers might just have struck gold with their late selection of him in the 2017 AFL national draft.

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Reminds me of Ben McEvoy. That wouldn't be awful.
He is quick and agile. Is already a good size. Has performed well in WA junior sides.

Question is can he build the endurance needed in the AFL.

The answer would be in his desire to work hard. In this area l am looking at him travelling from Kalgoorlie to Perth weekly to play for WA. So confident he will do the work.

Predicting this will be another late round draft pick success but we may need to wait for 2 or 3 years to fully know.
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The stars aligned perfectly in the back half of last year to get that ultimate prize

During the year I was loving Bolton and stengle , then add graham

On the trading front we had prestia , caddy & nank the tank

I felt a touch of "it's too good to be true"

Great trading and picking at nd

The feeling that has been washing over me since this years trade/draft period "have these guys nailed it again ?"

I don't want to jinx things so I'll temper it and say the guys have done a real solid job
No trade because those available didn't suit - tick
Draft 17 - best available - tick
The next bunch of pick - fill holes in list - tick

There seems to be a focus of hard working , grounded personalities , desire for two way running and tackling and some aspect of true elite in their game or combine results to the recruiting

We will have wait and see , but unlike the draft of 2004 with 5 picks in the top 20 and then those guys getting rushed into the top side , this new crop will have to work harder and wait longer and most likely be the making of a few of them

When's the cricket season over ?
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ceehook, post: 1506669, member: 4642 Wrote:When's the cricket season over ?
It was over before it started, once Richmond won the premiership.
I'm a cricket fan but watched Richmond replays on FoxFooty instead of the first day of the 2nd Test.
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A 7-hour drive each way for Ben Miller to play for Subiaco Colts. That's dedication!
"The future will be better tomorrow." (Dopey) Dan Quayle
Vines, post: 1506652, member: 5754 Wrote:Reminds me of Ben McEvoy. That wouldn't be awful.
A little bit of a Jay Schultz look too.
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Yes, Miller shows hard work and determination.
The drive and hunger to succeed.
Jayden Short will have it too.
He played 16 matches in the home-and-away season and was unfortunate to miss playing in the GF.
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