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Toby Nankervis
So many Tiger fans quickly fell in love with Toby Nankervis
with Big Ivan Maric and Hampson hampered by injury the new recruit was throw in the deep end 

and in Ivan Maric like behaviour Nank took to the role with a real zeal
he tried to smash every ruck contest and did his best to hurt guys in tackles , and when he went forward he slotted goals, yeah whats not to love about that

and he just kept backing up quarter after quarter , game after game

There are opposition ruckmen who have the better of him at centre bounces and others who are a tad more mobile 

as a second ruck option we have gone with Grigg and sometime  Jack , Edwards and even Rioli in the forward line

How do we rate his value against a Grundy or a Gawn ?

Nank is still young what can he change in his game in 2019 ?

and will he need a conventional second ruck this year with the changed rules ?
I feel the need , The need for SPEED
Nankervis holds his own in the ruck against the best rucks. Given we set up for a losing ruck, and we have won far more games than we lose then Nankervis still holds our number one ruck rating. His around the ground value is as good as Grundy etc

Problem was when the smaller makeshift ruck came on to give him a spell Grundy worked out he just needed to hit the ball as far away as he could. This defeated our set up for the losing ruck. Would think that other sides will now adopt that strategy so it will be interesting to see how we respond.
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the opposition response to our second ruck has been evolving

at first ruck conventionally

then take the ball

then it was either take the ball or tap down but have an in and under to take the ball but dish out to a runner

Grundy punching the ball 20 mtrs plus (I think that can be countered)

do we need to bring in Soldo , CCJ or Chol ?

or will we rely on Lynch giving Nank a chop out?
I feel the need , The need for SPEED
No way I am using Lynch in the ruck this year given his knee problems.

Soldo only replaces Nank. Can't possibly play both Nank and Soldo at the same time.

CCJ is on a development plan. Don't expect him to play seniors this year unless it is one or two games for experience.

Chol delisted and then rookied. Has to be some distance away from playing in the top side unless it all clicks for him.

Balta would be the one as he gives more options when not in the ruck
2017 Advocate for the Rising Star Jack Graham
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it. Ronald Dahl 1978
I agree with Gracie, no way do I want to see Lynch in the ruck.

Balta is better option to help out Nank if we can find a spot for him in the team. He is 4 cm taller than our other Premiership ruckman Smile

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I think Nank got 3 Brownlow votes against the Pies last year first time we played them. Grundy got one vote in the return game - it was the only vote a ruckman got against us last year.
I'd like to see Garthwaite chop out as 2nd ruck to Nank. For a few different reasons.
1. We need to start getting regular games into him.
2. He covered for Nank during that JLT game last year and held his own
3. We can't afford to cough up the easy clearance this season with the new rules preventing us playing a loose defender or two to cover
4. Frees up Rance for the majority to play looser and do what he does best in read the play and chop out/intercept for our other defenders
5. If he really is only the 192cm as reported on the club website Ill go he. Saw him at the shops yesterday and I'd be surprised if he's much under 6'4
6. Only like Soldo as a direct replacement for Nank. Can't see them playing together.
7. Gives extra flexibility in game if we cop and injury to any of our key talls. He played mostly KPF as a junior.
8. Grigg would found out even more-so now that the rucks can grab the ball from the contest and be given a chance to dispose of it rather than be done holding the ball as soon as someone lays a finger on them. Means Grigg can no longer stay down and try shark the tap that was guaranteed to come.
9. Cant see CCJ or Balta being ready for another season or 2 and don't see Chol cutting it.
10. Can't see Moore doing it as I don't think Riewoldt, Lynch, Caddy and Moore can function in the same forward line.
11. His work rate is elite from all reports.
He is listed as only 3cm shorter than Grundy and I think he can turn into a similar player.

Being young, he can build his tank up and the ability to outrun the taller rucks, like Gawn will be the way he can influence games.

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