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AFL Men Lack of Passion
Lets get peoples thoughts on the players, some to me since winning that flag seem to have lost the passion for success since that premiership win.
You really dont know and its purely just judging from afar but some to me seem to have lost that passion and it was mainly the kids against port who bought that passion to the club to set up a great win.

So will give my thoughts on which players I think have it and dont have it anymore ( but can hopefuuly get it back )

Astbury - he 100% to me seems to have lost his passion and even more now Rance is gone, its really showing his weaknesses alot and he just doesnt seem too interested to me - he had it in 2017 but its gone missing.

Baker - this kid has the passion and will bust his gut all day, in my eyes he may not be as quick as Butler but he is way better than Butler

Balta - Prob the most passionate guy going at our club, he just wants to go go go

Bolton - the passion is there to play seniors but he does drop off a little once hitting AFL compared to VFL, hope they give him a few games in a row 

Broad - He seems to have lost his passion to me

Butler - I think 100% he has lost his passion, he isnt doing the things he used to do and now dropped due to it.
Think he used to be one of our best tacklers and pressure but that has dropped dramatically.

Caddy - oh he has the passion, this guys hates to lose and is a competitor and a half

Castagna - Im torn on him, I think the passion is there its just the form of the past isnt, he can still get a bit of ball he just isnt doing what he used to do with it

Cotchin - no one can deny this guy has the passion and never loses it 

Edwards - same as above 

Ellis - I think he mostly has the passion out there I think its more hes just limited at what he can offer us

Graham - I think he does, but id like to see him improving more at getting a bit more ball

Grimes - has the passion in spades and his game against port proved it, he hates to lose and in my eyes won that game for us 

Higgins - no doubting his passion is there, its just his form has dropped off a little but probably due to teams noticing now not to leave him alone

Houli - cant ever question his passion to be out there, form has come and gone a few times but he just wants to do his best for our team

Lynch - hes a tough one and Im a fan, it seems hes not interested in being out there with his demeaner but he also seems to do things with ease making it look like its happening in slow motion, like his crumb in goalsquare last week and snap and goal around 5-6 blokes and it seemed so slow yet none of them reacted to it and he did it easy - it happens alot with him, perhaps hes a class above them ?

Lambert - I think hes lost the passion a little bit, hes not having the same impact he has in the past, either that or they are hard tagging him now but he seems to have lost it a little

Markov - think its there its just he doesnt bring his game to AFL when bought up

Dusty - I think he has lost it this year, its not just comparing him to his 2017 season but this season he just doesnt seem interested, hopefully he has had week off to spark him up

McIntosh - think he has it hes just limited at what he can do, but does bust his gut running both ways for us

Menadue - I think has it and surely he along with Markov know this is most likely their last seasons with us so do go full pelt to prove they want to be there.

Nankervis - no doubting this guy, he wants wins and battles each week

Prestia - might be his demeaner but he doesnt seem too passionate anymore when out there, needs to find a spark he should be doing alot more out there especially when focus is more on dusty, cotch and lambert

Rance - no need to say anything

Riewoldt - ditto

Rioli - Prob only one of the 3 smalls who wants it and not only that is improving whilst the other 2 have dropped off

Short - very passionate and busts his gut with running

Townsend - very passionate about being out there but cant get a gig

Vlastuin - passionate but form to me has dropped off a little 

Weller - Seems very passionate but talent isnt there 

Thoughts on some of these guys passion ?
passion ebbs and flows
be around the club 5 , 6 & 7 days a week depending on the time of year
come game day be bubbly and effervescent every game …

most players are pretty good but they can all hit flat spots

K Mac - do think he is in a good place mentally after an up and down year in 2018 , to b=me he looks fresh, keen and ready to rumble

Broad - have paid particular attention to him after a disappointing back half of last year , that did all seem to come about after his injury , this year seems to be a fresh start for him too and I've liked what I've seen , not big stats but he's looking to harass

Higgins - might not be showing "passion" but do think he's learning a new role and is working hard

dusty - is one struggling a little with passion and hasn't the football world spotted it , hopefully the week off has been a needed freshen

Caddy - is a new player at Tigerland and loving it , he's an important cog in a successful side that usually invigorates senior players

Cotchin & Grimmes - are they beyond passion , they are driven even a little manic
I feel the need , The need for SPEED
Good assessment Chook, mostly spot on imo.

Re Butler, I think at his best he's better than Baker has shown to date, but on current form Baker is way better.

Re Martin, Jonathan Brown mentioned this week that Lethal once in a mediocre patch divided his team into two groups, wildebeests and lions, hunted and hunter.
It seems to me Dusty is clearly in the wildebeest camp this year, he needs to go back to being the hunter. He'll be way better this week with Caddy in too.

Astbury, I'm not sure if he's lost the passion or opponents are exploiting his weaknesses, but he's been exposed too often, classic example was the prelim last year. We need a good big defender to play a role like Barrass of the Eagles, Astbury is not cutting it.
Personally I think Broad showed a bit too much passion after the Grand Final win, so perhaps his demeanour in 2019 is appropriate -- in a relative sense.

But I'm not seeing players who've obviously lost the hunger. It was clear what was going on in 1975, but the coaches would be dropping more players if we had a passion problem this year I think. 

Martin is obviously frustrated and needs to get his head right.

Prestia has just started the season slower than you'd like -- he needs to build up form I reckon.

Lambert's another one who tends to build form and not just start the season red-hot.

Astbury has never looked a particularly passionate player to me.

You can over-analyse these things sometimes.
We dont want to show too much too early, hoping we will build it up as the season goes on.
I gather the feeling at the club for last year was that we had peaked too early.
Slow build up this year.
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with regards the Martin state of mind

cast your minds back to Brad Ottens , apparently he was devastated when Dragasevic was delisted after 2 knee recos

Sam Lloyd was Dusty's invite for 2017 Brownlow night , not sure but think Lloyd might be in a horse racing syndicate called Dusty's boys
with Lloyds departure , if he was a true mate, could Dusty be a little flat from that and not really know why ?

Yes Dusty has been in the system a fair while now and will have seen plenty of faces come and go , but they are only human
I feel the need , The need for SPEED
(17-04-2019, 12:12)Crusher Wrote: We dont want to show too much too early, hoping we will build it up as the season goes on.
I gather the feeling at the club for last year was that we had peaked too early.
Slow build up this year.

This is how I am looking at our start this year. The injuries were not planned for but we did plan to start slowly and instead of being flint hard from round 1 we are looking at getting to that point in around a months time.

@TigerHardwick you are right there is something going on but I don't think it is a general lack of passion. An individual or a team only needs to be slightly off in the hunting of the ball to then give the opposition team a sniff.

The injuries to the "stars" has given us a boost on two fronts. Firstly the second rung has had to stand up Edwards and Ellis did this in spades against Port. Lynch being new is just bringing a good game and will get even better as he gets fitter after missing all the preseason. Caddy and Grimes always bring their best but they actually lifted a level.

Then we have had the kids Balta, Ross and Stack have shown that they are capable now and I cannot see a reason why they would be dropped, except that we have so many players to choose from now.

Now we add Martin this week and Riewoldt next game and then Cotchin. Hopefully the second level players continue their new found levels and the new kids come on as, now, expected.

There are good times coming and I expect these THIS year. We will see the signs before the bye and then after we will be in full hunting mode and trained to the minute to run the season out in full steam.

Still expecting we have the biggest chance to win the premiership this year and then be set up for multiple years at the top.
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