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Introducing Richmond Tigers Online

There are many websites around that celebrate the AFL Tigers. These are mostly made up of Forums, Blogs, Facebook Groups, and Facebook Pages.

I already have a successful Forum which celebrates the mighty Richmond Football Club. This site has been in existance since 2000 and is a forum website. If you’re interested, you can have a look at it: Yellow and Black Online. I have enjoyed experimenting with Forums over the years and have changed the software of Y & B many times. Last year, I made a change that alienated many of the members and have now reverted back to a more traditional forum software, but the damage had been done. Yellow and Black has over 500K posts and was a very active forum. In the past 2 weeks, there have been approximately 10 posts.

In the past, I have experimented with forum only sites, and a combination of forum/blog. I have always harboured a desire for original articles to be written and thought that linking this into a forum was the way to go. I’m not so sure now!

Out of all this, I have decided to focus on original articles about Richmond. I would like to broaden the topic to all of Richmond’s teams – be it AFL, AFLW (even though we don’t play until 2020), VFL, and VFLW.

I’m also starting off Aussie Rules Online. This site will feature articles on anything to do with Australian Rules. If there is lots of content for one particular club, competetition, or aspect for the game, I will create a site for it to join this one in the Aussie Rules Site Network.

I’m prepared to write articles about Richmond, but I need your help so I am seeking the following assistance with this project:

  • Article writers – any subject that you wish as long as it’s Richmond related
  • Site Staff – to assist in running this site.
  • Site Managers – to run any new sites for other footy clubs
  • Your ideas on what you want to read and what information you would like to see on Richmond Tigers Online.

I can’t offer any direct payment for your articles as yet, but what I can offer is a 50/50 share of Google Adsense revenue that is generated by the articles that you write. If the site becomes financially viable, I will look at paying directly for Articles, Staff, and Site Managers in the future.

Register today and send me a PM to let me know if you’d like to be part of Richmond Tigers Online.

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