The Stats I Like for the 2018 Season

For those of you who are regular readers of this site, you’ll have seen my “Stats I Like” posts on some of the Match threads. I sometimes forget to contribute this information, so I thought that I’d put together some of these stats now that the Home and Away season has finished.

The stats I like that I have contributed are Pressure Acts, Metres Gained, and Score Involvements. I also like Disposal Efficiency so will list this here as well.

Pressure Acts

This is an indication of the pressure that a player puts on the opposition. I haven’t been able to find a definition of this anywhere, but believe that this includes bumps, harassment, holds, intimidation, and pushes. I’m uncertain as to whether this also includes verbal pressure, but I wouldn’t discount it.

The top 10 Pressure Acts (by average) for 2018 (minimum 5 games) are:

Rank Player Avg Played High Low
1 Graham 25.94 16 41 13
2 Cotchin 23.20 20 41 11
3 Prestia 21.64 11 32 15
4 Caddy 18.45 20 30 10
5 Higgins 18.00 18 29 12
6 Lambert 17.90 20 26 11
7 Butler 17.20 15 24 11
8 Nankervis 16.71 21 28 10
9 Conca 16.69 16 30 3
10 Edwards 15.59 22 26 8

Most of us would not be surprised by Jack Graham heading the list. He burst on the scene last year and foreshadowed his worth to the team by leading the team’s pressure acts from game 1. Cotchin at number 2 with Prestia and Caddy following are also no surprise to me.

Higgins and Nankervis however, are a surprise. For a first year player, Higgins has shown that he is not only able to kick “snags”, but can run in the midfield and apply pressure. Does this make him a valuable part of our Premiership defence? I’ve mentioned Nankervis as a surprise as I simply don’t expect a ruckman to have such an influence on pressure acts as Toby has done.

Metres Gained

This statistic is best defined in an article written in The Age in 2009:

Metres gained measures how far players progress the ball towards their goal, be it by hand, by foot or by running and carrying it. Only forward movement counts (apart from deep in defence where lateral movement is taken into account if it takes the ball away from the opposition goals).

The top 10 Metres Gained (by average) for 2018 (minimum of 5 games) are:

Rank Name Games Average
1 Jayden Short 22 525.32
2 Dustin Martin 21 448.81
3 Bachar Houli 13 383.77
4 Dion Prestia 11 375.91
5 Shaun Grigg 20 343.65
6 Kamdyn Mcintosh 19 333.79
7 Shane Edwards 22 330.73
8 Trent Cotchin 20 323.40
9 Kane Lambert 20 305.55
10 Nick Vlastuin 19 300.95

Most of us have been aware of Shorty being at the top of the metres gained list. I find it hard to believe that for the entire season in every match (and he has played in all 22), he has moved the ball forward more than half a kilometre. He is #2 in the AFL behind Josh Kelly of GWS (529.79 metres). I’m writing this during their match against Melbourne, so this may change.

Score Involvements

The best definition of a score involvement I’ve been able to find is from the AFL website:

Creating a score by getting the ball to a teammate either via a disposal, knock-on, ground kick or hitout, or by winning a free kick before the advantage is paid to the goal scorer.

The top 10 Score Involvements (by average) for 2018 (minimum of 5 games) are:

Rank Name Games Average
1 Dustin Martin 21 8.57
2 Jack Riewoldt 22 7.86
3 Kane Lambert 20 6.75
4 Shane Edwards 22 6.41
5 Dion Prestia 11 5.82
6 Josh Caddy 20 5.75
7 Shaun Grigg 20 5.65
8 Trent Cotchin 20 5.55
9 Jack Higgins 18 5.44
10 Daniel Butler 15 5.40

For most of us that watch the games each week, it would be no surprise that Dusty is on top of this list. While I’m not surprised at Jack being 2nd, it is surprising for possible winner of the Coleman Medal this year to be so high on a list of players “giving away” goals! Another surprise to me was seeing Jack Higgins in the top 10. He has had a very good debut year!

Dusty is 3rd on the AFL list for Score Involvements after Lance Franklin (8.89) and Tom Hawkins (8.60).

Disposal Efficiency

This is an easy stat to define – this is the percentage of disposals that are effective! So…..what’s an effective disposal?

According to Champion Data:

Effective handball – a handball to a teammate that hits the intended target.

Effective long kick – a kick of more than 40 metres to a 50/50 contest or better for the team.

Effective short kick – a kick of less than 40 metres that results in the intended target retaining possession. Does not include kicks that are spoiled by the opposition.

With this in mind, the total Disposal Efficiency (by average) for 2018 (minimum of 5 games) are:

Rank Name Games Average
1 Alex Rance 22 83.81
2 David Astbury 20 82.24
3 Dylan Grimes 21 81.99
4 Brandon Ellis 18 80.03
5 Jayden Short 22 79.35
6 Nick Vlastuin 19 78.15
7 Bachar Houli 13 76.31
8 Nathan Broad 16 76.31
9 Kane Lambert 20 75.83
10 Shane Edwards 22 75.30
11 Shaun Grigg 20 74.22
12 Connor Menadue 5 73.33
13 Jack Graham 16 71.89
14 Sam Lloyd 7 70.51
15 Dion Prestia 11 69.97
16 Kamdyn Mcintosh 19 69.82
17 Callum Moore 6 68.83
18 Daniel Rioli 10 68.57
19 Reece Conca 16 67.90
20 Josh Caddy 20 66.57
21 Jack Higgins 18 65.55
22 Dustin Martin 21 65.48
23 Trent Cotchin 20 64.52
24 Jason Castagna 20 64.32
25 Toby Nankervis 21 62.77
26 Jacob Townsend 10 62.37
27 Daniel Butler 15 60.42
28 Jack Riewoldt 22 58.32

Some points of note for me are that our defenders (mostly) take up the top 8 positions in this list. This shows why we are efficient at launching attacks from the half-back line.

I was surprised by Jack being the least effective and Cotch and Dusty low on the list. I wasn’t surprised by seeing Conca with a better disposal efficiency than most would have given him credit.

The best in the AFL for disposal efficiency at the time of writing is Shannon Hurn at 87.43%. Our number #1, Alex Rance is 20th on the AFL list.

I plan to compare the above statistics to those in the coming finals series to see whether our guys are performing above or below their Home and Away form – statistically speaking that is.

I’m looking forward to discussing these statistics further and am happy to produce stats that other people like as well.

I gathered the above statistics from, and

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