2017 Yellow Sash Award

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Jul 17, 2003
I can't believe that I neglected to create a thread for this at the start of the year - sorry about that!

The scores are in at the conclusion of Round 6 voting and Trent Cotchin is our new leader. He is one point ahead of Dustin Martin who has a 3 point lead over Shaun Grigg, Toby Nankervis, and Jack Riewoldt.

The full leaderboard after Round 6 is:
  1. Trent Cotchin 8
  2. Dustin Martin 7
  3. Shaun Grigg, Jack Riewoldt , Toby Nankervis 4
  4. Dion Prestia, David Astbury, Kane Lambert 2
  5. Bachar Houli, Daniel Rioli, Reece Conca 1