2020 Season updates

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Listed Player
Sep 26, 2005
Well we know Rance bolted

Higgins is doing contact training so is already doing way more than they thought he would at this stage

McIntosh did his ankle I believe and will miss an extended period of time

Jack Ross has come back leaner I here and wont just be a inside bull

Baker is another ive heard is leaner to run more

Dawkins and Turner have improved size and skills

Stack and Pickett have been training and you would only think will improve a lot from last years efforts as Stack did a limited preseason with us before being selected and Pickett didnt get picked up til May then sat out 10 weeks of physical stuff


Site Immortal
Jun 1, 2005
From my take I have currently injured or in rehab from injury - so expecting a delayed start to season = Graham, Houli and Higgins. Also some news around Nankervis and now McIntosh. And Rance has retired.

I do not expect anything from the new guys - Dow, Martyn, Cumberland, Ralphsmith and Hyuon. Although training reports seem to have Ralphsmith in front of the curve.

From the longer term guys I do not think Aarts, Miller or English will factor in the early selected sides.

Same for Turner although I am keen to see how he has developed as thinking he might be a smokey later in the year. Garthwaite , Markov, Eggmolesse-Smith will also have to wait.

For certainties I have Vlastuin, Grimes, Prestia, Martin, Riewoldt, Cotchin, Edwards, Castagna, Astbury, Rioli, Lynch, Lambert, Bolton, Stack and Pickett. I would easily add Caddy and Broad to that list. So 17 I would make as definites Plus with Nank out Soldo will get first crack. That is 18.

So that leaves me picking 4 from - Short, Baker, Chol, Coleman-Jones, Balta, Collier-Dawson, Ross and Naish

Thinking we will stay with the two rucks. So Soldo in with Nankervis is the obvious one. If Nank is in rehab then I am selecting from CCJ, Chol and Balta - in that order

So three more from Short, Baker, Ross, Balta, RCD, Chol, Naish in that order.

Absolute nightmare when Graham, Houli, Higgins and McIntosh are back