Off season musings

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Site Immortal
Jun 9, 2008
And how weird does it feel when you start to watch a game - actually confident that we’re going to win !!
100% mate - at half time of the prelim last year, I was still really confident. And funnily enough, a few Cats fans around us said at half time that their team had thrown its best punch and expected us to overrun them.
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Jun 1, 2005
What is getting me excited is the amount of players knocking on the door or in line to come on this year and next

I count 15 who are already in the top side or have shown enough to suggest they will get there. All aged 24 and under.


Staff member
Assistant Coach
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Jul 25, 2007
if these lads turn out to be as good as we think then all kudos to our recruiting dept!
Am excited to see how 'my boy' goes this year. JR5 seems to have slimmed down.


Feb 9, 2014
I can remember back in early 2016 that I wrote on this forum how I was lamenting the fact that my kids would never know the Richmond that I grew up with in the late 60's and 70's. It was probably after an embarassing lose to norf or bulldogs. That the lack of success and the ability to win at least one final would be our fate. Fast forward the 3 years; 2 AFL premierships, 1 VFL premiership, 100,000 members, a squad of 44 highly talented players to chose from and once again our Tiges are being feared, but best of all hated once more by the rest of the AFL.

:cool: It doesn't get better than that, but wait there is the promise of the 2020 Premiership flag.... Thank you Richmond fc. Go Tiges...


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Assistant Coach
Sep 21, 2008
For me the only thing I lament is being important to the club and the ability to get so close to the inner workings. Now we need to be content to be supporters knowing that we have a lot less importance to the framework as there are hordes to replace us.
Friendships on here and at the club are harder to forge as opinions have morphed into tacit agreement, that and less hours to be part of the fabric here and at the club.
Still we’ve started to be disliked again and that for me is amusingly pleasant.