Off-topic Posting

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Aug 29, 2006
Hi All,

The off-season is almost over so it's time to rein in the off-topic posts!

While an occasional diversion from the thread topic can be funny or entertaining, it can sometimes be at a detriment to the thread and topic discussion itself.

During the off-season, we need to be entertained as there is often not much to discuss (footy wise), so the Coaching Panel are usually more lenient when it comes to allowing off-topic posts. This is just a heads up, that as the season is nigh, we will be looking more closely at off-topic posts and will move or delete any excessive, unnecessary or irrelevant off-topic posts.

We don't want to take away any enjoyment, or sense of community from Yellow and Black and encourage members to post in the Official Off-Topic thread, or if you have an idea, wish to discuss a new topic, or go on a tangent then start a new thread for that discussion.

As this is just a heads up notice for the members, i will close this thread.


Go Tiges! :)


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Jan 15, 2008
A bump on this thread, with there being quite a bit of off topic posting at times, don't be surprised to find posts disappear sometimes without a PM to advise, due to time constraints.

Posts with just smilies or very short messages are vulnerable in this context.


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Jul 17, 2003
Just a quick addition to Crusher's post.

Instead of responding to a post with just a smiley, it is much more beneficial to the poster to click on the "Like" button if you agree or like what they've posted. If nothing else, it's good "netiquette" and it'll save people's time viewing what they think are "New" posts in a thread only to find that it's a smiley.