Readings : Sean Ralphsmith's "Dad's diary" & Stronger and Bolder

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Jan 15, 2008
Ask and you shall receive Gracie! :)
Thanks to old mate Duncan putting me onto this.
Just read and watched the article posted online of Sean's diary,
I must be getting old, I got teary watching the families reaction.
Hope Hugo is a good player for Richmond!
Also just finished reading Konrad's Stronger & Bolder.
It was like getting the final pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.
The references to the Climb, & Blood brothers make more sense.
The back stories of Sydney and Marlion were also filled out after being touched on by Cotch & Martin after the GF siren.
A pic in the book was of the GF banner. I didn't pick up the significance of the backside of the banner on the day.
It was a caricature of all the Richmond Premiership captains. Minogue, Bentley, Dyer, Dean, Hart, Monteath, Cotchin
And watched the GF for about the 29th & 30th time. This time with the radio commentary. MMM Kane Cornes was hoping for the Giants he shut up once the Tigers took obvious control of the game. I liked the SEN broadcast, but the original on 7/Foxtel is still the best.
Brian Taylor was freakish with some of his lines, Prestia will win the B&F etc
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Jun 1, 2005
That was a good story. Thanks for posting @Crusher

It gives an insight into the stressful year these 18yr olds go through.

I like how Jack offered to give him a lift. Culture
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Jun 9, 2008
Yeah that bit was classic Jack.

Was a really interesting insight I thought. A dad, obviously trying not to push too hard, but also push enough.


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Jun 1, 2005
Seems like he is training well. Might be a smokey this year for the top side.