VFL Women Round 13 Richmond v Williamstown

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Staff member
Assistant Coach
Sep 24, 2007
4/08/2019 11:00 AM
Swinburne Centre

B: 12. L. Bailey, 20. H. McLaren, 2. P. Monahan
HB: 38. S. Damon, 34. A. Makur Chuot, 18. L. Davie
C: 19. K. Dempsey, 0. J. Kennedy, 22. S. Marsh
HF: 14. S. Frederick, 33. J. Colwell, 24. T. Stahl
F: 5. M. Brancatisano, 46. H. Ibrahim, 16. C. Wakefield
R: 11. A. Edmonds, 13. A. Woodward, 4. M. Conti
Int: 30. D. Edward, 25. G. Egan, 29. K. Jacques, 28. G. Seymour

Emg: 27. J. Hocking, 37. M. Klingbeil , 41. S. Last, 45. R. Poke

23P: 53. M. Edwards

In: M. Klingbeil , S. Damon, K. Jacques, J. Hocking, M. Conti, S. Last
Out: E. Gunn, G. Campbell, R. Miller

Hopefully get a win here, 5th on the ladder at present. Williamstown are bottom.