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Jul 17, 2003
It seems an opportune time to remind every poster that you should make yourself familiar with the Site Rules (or Terms of Service as I like to call them).

If you haven't read them for some time, please make yourself familiar with them again - it may save you from receiving a warning or infraction. Contrary to what some may think, the members of the Coaching Panel don't like handing out sanctions and only do so when they are absolutely necessary.

Just a reminder that Warnings do not carry any points and serve to remind people that they have breached the Terms of Service. Infractions accumulate points depending on the severity and seriousness of the breach - the schedule is available at the bottom of the Terms of Service. Accumulating Infraction points can lead to having your posting rights removed and also suspension from the site. Some posters who regularly require members of the Coaching Panel to edit or remove portions of their posts or to delete their entire posts may find that they are placed on permanent moderation until such time as the Coaching Panel believes that they can post in accordance with the Terms of Service. We do this in order to keep Yellow and Black as a website that will allow people to participate in discussions without having to deal with threats, abuse, or unreasonable player bashing. Yellow and Black is proud of the fact that any member can put forward their point of view without fear or favour. All that we ask is that you do within the Terms of Service. Other sites appear more that happy for their posters to hurl abuse at each other and to degrade players at any opportunity. We're more than happy to leave this kind of behaviour to them as long as they leave us alone.

So please try and make our job a little easier by following the Terms of Service and by trying to keep on topic. If you're unsure of how to create a new thread to discuss the topic, please visit the FAQ. You'll find all the information that you require there.

This message is an announcement to remind site members about how we do things. As such, there is no discussion required - these are the rules as we have set them.

If you have an issue with this, PM me or please post elsewhere.