The Old Bull theory

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Aug 25, 2016
Listening to SEN today heard one caller allocate a fair percentage of where the Lions are at currently to Luke Hodge. A leader of men who has true experience and is helping guide the youngsters on the list. I couldn't agree more. In a roundabout way it brings me back to our club. Ben Cousins joined us for a while and bought his two bobs worth to the club. Since that time our culture has appeared pretty clean cut and extremely professional. Coincidence or consequence?
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Listed Player
Mar 29, 2009

You can't credit our leaders professionalism and moral standards to Cousins. Cotchin, Rance, JR and Edwards were all good characters from the time they arrived at the club, add Dimma and Benny to the mix in 2010 under the leadership of March and the nucleus for a great culture was born, one in which a gun like Dusty could grow and thrive.

We improved our recruiting dept during this period because of our great leadership from the top, which resulted in freakish recruiting like picking up Short, Castagna and Lambert in the 2015 rookie draft.

In late 2016 add Balme and Caracella to the mix, more great recruiting in Graham, Caddy and Prestia, and voila.......a Premiership in 2017.

As for Hodge and Brisbane's turn around, I don't know much about the club, but suspect similar to Richmond, their turn around is more about great leadership, that resulted in Hodge and many other good personnel being brought to the club.
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Site Immortal
Jun 9, 2008
I give a lot of credit for 2017 to Balme and Caracella. But I reserve the most credit for Dimma (it’s not easy to change how you go about things), and Cotchin (leading from the front doing the hard stuff, not by running around behind blokes doing the easy stuff).
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Listed Player
Sep 26, 2005
Cousins wasn’t a huge influence on the club but what he would have influenced and why I wanted him there was his work ethic in the middle, there’s no doubt our guys who were around when Cousins was there learnt how to go to another level and have all improved.
Watching Richo they prob thought he is just a freak but Cousins coming in too with same work ethic prob got the guys thinking they CAN go another level too and most have and passed that now onto the newer guys coming through.
Some say it may be better list management but it would also do with work ethic from the Richo and Cousins time when the guys then learnt there is more levels they can push to.
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