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Jul 17, 2003
I've installed the Threadloom Search engine which has now successfully indexed the site.

You can now use some of the advanced features that Threadloom search offers.

Here are some examples that demonstrate Threadloom's search features:

CategoryQueryWhat it does
Basicuser:"donnie darko"
  • Searches for posts by user "donnie darko"
  • Quotes are needed only if the username has more than one word
tag:"site improvements"
  • Searches for posts with the tag "site improvements
  • Quotes are needed only if the tag has more than one word
  • Searches for posts before Dec. 31, 2010
  • Searches for posts after Jan. 1, 2014
Advancedolympics -rio
  • Searches for posts with "olympics" but not "rio"
  • aka NOT operator
  • Searches for posts with "olympics" and "britain"
  • aka AND operator
  • Restricts search results to posts from forum id 30
  • Restricts search results to posts from thread id 145277
  • Searches thread titles only for "edea"
pirates^2 ocean
  • Boosts "pirates" by a factor of 2 (can be any positive number >0, including <1), ranking it higher
"airport hotel" ~5
  • Searches for posts with "airport" and "hotel" within 5 words of each other (can be any number between 0 and 5)
XenForo-specificprefix:"for sale"
  • Searches for posts withe the thread prefix "for sale"
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