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  • Do not create new user accounts to get around bans or restrictions Masking or altering your IP is reasonably easily spotted so don’t waste your time on it.
  • You may only register one account with this site.
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  • If you are not sure of a rule, please ask a member of the Coaching Panel.
  • Don’t post off-topic, or intentionally raise your post count. The degree of intolerance for off-topic posting may also depend on the type of thread in which it is posted. The bigger and/or arguably more important threads have a lower degree of tolerance.
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  • don’t send mass PM’s or e-mails to members of this site.
  • the posting of e-mail addresses and/or phone numbers of others is prohibited.
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Don’t harass, insult, defame, belittle, threaten, antagonise, or attack other members, guests, or websites. Don’t libel footballing and community identities. Defamation laws must be respected. Criticism of players, coaches, and club officials must not be excessive and/or obsessive. It is up to the Coaching Panel to determine what constitutes “excessive” and “obsessive”. Don’t make homosexual, sexist or racial slurs.


Don’t troll by:

  • making a comment intended to antagonize another person.
  • provoking another member into an argument or flame war by means of flaming the member, or making a post when the member knows full-well that it will cause an argument or flame war.

Swear Filter

There are only two words covered by the swear filter, please avoid any variations on their use. Just type the words and let the swear filter do its job.


Advertising for items or services, websites and any other kind of advertising is not allowed. This includes (but is not limited to) advertising in posts, banner ads and signatures. We will not allow links or images in signatures unless prior approval by the Coach has been given. Any unauthorised links may be removed by the Coaching Panel without reason and Infraction points will be awarded to the responsible member. All paid advertising or linking requests must be arranged in advance and can be made to coach@

Adult Material

This site has a “G” rating, so the posting of adult material, and the posting of URLs that contain inappropriate images is prohibited, as is the posting of those images.

Illegal Programs/Scripts

ROMs and Emulators for some games and consoles are legal, however, some of them are not. Cracks, serials, or key generators, however, are illegal. None of them are allowed to be discussed here at Yellow and Black.


A signature is a unique option that allows you to include various bits of information in a small section after a member/moderators’ post. Signatures are subject to the same rules as posts, so, if something is not acceptable to post, then it is not acceptable for a signature.


When providing information or opinions that are not your own, please identify your source and, where possible, provide a link. Not doing so could be viewed as plagiarism.

Reposting of articles from other sites

In most cases, you should only publish the headline and first paragraph of the article. If you do so, there must then be a link through to the full story as published on the originating site.


Do not promote or advertise any websites, forums, email addresses, businesses, MLM, activities, or other entities that you have an affiliation with. You may promote only ONE personal website in your signature (see Breaking Signature Restrictions).

Using Real People’s names as a Usernames

You may not select a Username that is the same as a real person unless you are that person. If you wish to use your own name as your Username you must send an e-mail to coach@ with evidence to support your claim to that Username (i.e. an e-mail account in that name that is a work or ISP account – not Hotmail, Yahoo!, Gmail, etc.). Any new Registrant who registers a Username of a real person without providing evidence within 48 hours will have their registration deleted.

Warnings and Infractions

If you happen to break our Site Rules, you can expect to receive a Warning or an Infraction. An explanation of what these are follows:

  • Warning – 0 points. This is an official warning or “heads up” that you’ve broken a Site Rule.
  • Minor Infraction – 1 point which expires after 7 days
  • Mid-Range Infraction – 3 points which expire after 7 days
  • Serious (1st through 3rd counts) – 5 points which expire after 7, 14, or 21 days
  • Serious (4th count) & Adult Related content – 5 points which expire after 30 days.
  • Any serious count can be turned into a permanent ban at the discretion of the Coaching Panel

Members can then lose privileges as follows:

  • 3 points – Yellow Card – Member is not allowed to post new threads
  • 5+ points – Red Card – Temporary Ban until points expire

Breaking any of the above rules may result in a Warning or an Infraction! To ensure that the Yellow and Black website is not being used for illegal purposes or in contravention of these Terms of Service your Personal Messages (PM’s) may be read by the Coach at his discretioPlease don’t challenge the authority or actions of the Coaching Panel on the open forums. Send a PM or e-mail to the person concerned.Do not create new user accounts to get around bans or restrictions Masking or altering your IP is reasonably easily spotted so don’t waste your time on it.You may only register one account with this site.

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