Winning makes the Off Season Shorter and the fun never ends

I often think I would like to create time. It’s an interesting thing time. It supposedly doesn’t change but I’m sure it travels quicker today then when I was a boy. Ever heard the expression “Time fly’s”? Well people aren’t meaning it’s been hitching a ride on a plane. It has just got quicker but that’s impossible, isn’t it?

Well I’ve been talking to numerous Tiger Supporters and they all seem to think that this Off Season seems shorter than the endless ones of losing years.

No longer are we anxious about whom we took in the draft, because we know that our drafting isn’t crap. We aren’t looking for that incremental performance improvement, because at the moment we have the best team. We aren’t bemoaning our depth, because look at the calibre of players suddenly in the VFL. We aren’t looking to copy other coaches style, because other coaches will be copying Dimma. We no longer wish we could have a Brownlow medallist playing for us, because suddenly we have two. We no longer bemoan our lack of final’s experience, because we have 22 premiership players. We no longer wish for a Norm Smith medallist, because we have Dusty and a very unlucky Bacher Houli playing for us. We no longer complain about our second halves, because we know we run over the top of teams. We no longer…… well you get the point.

Hasn’t it been fun? You bet it has. Can it get better? I don’t know.

One thing I do know is that when you’re teams on top the fun never ends.

It’s so much more fun talking about what did happen than talking about what should happen. Remember Rance being unpassable in the first half, Remember Jack and those hangers. Remember Dusty just being Dusty. Remember Bacher playing the best game of his life. Remember the kid Jack Graham stand up like a veteran. Remember Lambert’s entire final series. Remember the toughness of Cotchin. Remember the unlikely hero Townshend. Remember Rioli continuing trying to run after breaking his foot. Remember Grimes and Astbury taking underrated to a new level. Remember the Table Tennis twins harassing like mad men. Remember KMac just running and running. Remember Broady playing like that’s where he came from. Remember Caddy playing like he never played for Geelong, tough, hard. Remember Prestia playing like he had no injury problems. Remember Shed and his lightening hands. Rember Flossy starting the game like a kitten but finishing like the toughest Tiger there was. Remember that Griggy played as our second ruck with an unsurpassed football IQ. Remember Brando the king of Connection being everywhere to help his mates.

Then there was Richo and Benny crying.

Our fearless Peggy sitting next to Jacko with smiles like Bengals. Kingy and Kel Moore and other Tigers reaching over the fence. That song ringing out and all around we were hugging friends and strangers. That my friends is how to create time. It’s memories. It’s happiness.

It all starts again next week let’s make some more time.



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I am a 53 Year old married man living in Ballarat. If I could invent one thing it would be a magical bottle with an elixir to create time as we have so little of it I am a sports nut with a particular bent towards AFL, Soccer and F1. I have a varied working past including being a Professional Actor and Singer, an International Sales Manager and am currently back in Real Estate working for Red Circle Real Estate in Ballarat. My nickname is Loud and I love banter. I hope you enjoy my musings from time to time.