Yellow Sash Award

Yellow Sash Award after Round 13

Thirteen rounds have been played in 2019 and the top 10 players in the Yellow Sash Award has some surprises. The top ten features a first year player and a big recruit with an unassuming defender heading the list!

The Club has unearthed some talent from the Richmond “injury crisis” this year. Would Sydney Stack have gained senior selection so soon (Round 4)? I think that he certainly would have debuted this season, but more likely later than he had.

Richmond has played 38 of its list of 45 (I’ve excluded Grigg and included Pickett). In the 13 rounds played, there have been 8 scores of 0: Ellis, Butler, Castagna (twice), Short (injured early in the match), Martin (!), Lynch, and Menadue. The lowest score on their first game for the year was Townsend with 0.83 in his only game in Round 12.

Players to have played all 13 games this year are: Prestia, Higgins, Lynch, and McIntosh. The highest average Yellow Sash Award score per round belongs to our current leader, Dylan Grimes with 3.61. We all knew that he was having a good year, but this is proof as far as Yellow and Black Online members are concerned!

What will the remaining rounds hold for some of the young players who have played senior footy before anyone expected them to? With the return of Cotchin, Edwards, and Astbury imminent, and Lambert, Riewoldt, Nankervis, Short, and Ross to return soon, we will see players like Chol, Soldo, Naish, Menadue, and probably Broad make way once some of the list play a game or two in the VFL.

I think that Short and Ross will be expected to play at least 1 week in the VFL before coming back, so Naish and Broad will keep their places for a few more weeks.

With Grimes in the lead by just under 3 points from Prestia, it appears to be a race between the two to take the honours in 2019. Who will win?

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